Friday, May 25, 2012

Mark Sanchez Is Being Set Up to Fail by the New York Jets' Management - Bleacher Report

It's pretty painful to watch the New York Jets these days.

A lifetime sub .500 franchise that shares a stadium with the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, the only time these Jets make headlines is in a constant state of flux and confusion.

Confusion specifically when the rest of the NFL is committed to a serious passing game, the Jets have decided to put a third of their offensive output in the hands of gadget quarterback Tim Tebow.

Despite having a quarterback with a 31-22 lifetime record as a starter including four playoff road victories, Mark Sanchez is being setup for failure by a management team that doesn't know how to develop a winning environment in the locker room or on the field of play.

Head Coach Rex Ryan, who is clearly on the hot seat and has all but abdicated responsibility of the offense to failed former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano, a coach who wants to run the football, but doesn't have the kind of backfield to deliver the goods on the ground.

Since the loss of Thomas Jones, the Jets have relied on the unreliable Shonn Greene who is another disappointing prospect that can't pound the ball in a manner that takes the pressure off Sanchez to force the football down the field. Mike Tannenbaum draft picks Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight are no better.

But more importantly, the Jets have an under-performing offensive line that saw Sanchez pressured and sacked 39 times, the most in one season as the team's starter.

So as the Jets opened training camp to the public today, are Gang Green any better than they were last December and January when the wheels fell off this franchise and Ryan went into virtual hiding upon elimination from the playoff picture?

143824543_crop_340x234SHEDDING SANCHEZ? - A slimmed down Rex Ryan seems to have lost all confidence in Mark Sanchez while abdicating the offense to new OC Tony Sparano.
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Overrated general manager Tannenbaum continues to hype an underwhelming draft class as the Jets  failed to secure a significant player since the acquisition of All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Players like Kyle Wilson and Vlad Ducasse are just prime examples of the incompetence of a front office that has failed to build a sustainable and winning organization and has left the Jets desperate to stay relevant in the face of last year's collapse.

So, as Tim Tebow clearly struggled today, do you get the feeling the Jets' season is being mortgaged in this attempt to run Sanchez out of New York?

And if Sanchez fails, as I believe the Jets would love to see happen, does management really think the Tebow folly will keep fans in the seats should this season quickly tank as most observers believe it will?

Does anyone believe the New York Jets will seriously compete for the AFC East crown?

Are the Jets any better than the Buffalo Bills or the Miami Dolphins? Does anyone believe the Jets can beat the AFC Conference Champion New England Patriots at home or on the road?

What makes the interest in Tim Tebow so strange is that Hall of Famer quarterback John Elway shipped him out of Denver quicker than a Federal Express package, but the Jets are still trying to spin the benefit of a player that no other franchise wanted.

With the phrase "Super Bowl" now out of the vocabulary of Rex Ryan and his floundering New York Jets, what exactly is the expectation in 2012 after last year's 8-8 debacle?

Is it really about winning, or finding a way to remove Mark Sanchez from this team's future?

As long as Jet management dwells on praising a player who can't play quarterback in the NFL over a player who has demonstrated he can, it looks like a long and losing 2012 for Gang Green.

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