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New York Jets: Grading the Team's Second and Third Rounds of 2012 NFL Draft - Bleacher Report

In order to have their choice of wide receivers in the second round, the New York Jets traded with the Seattle Seahawks to move up four spots, from making the 47th overall pick, to the 43rd spot.  To obtain this pick, the Jets gave up their second round pick, fifth round pick and seventh round pick.

After trading up, the Jets did what most, including myself expected them to do, which was draft a wide receiver.  Because of the loss of Plaxico Burress, the Jets needed a big target for Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow to throw to, and that guy will be Georgia Tech’s Stephen Hill.

Considering the position the Jets had in the second round, drafting Hill was the right move.  Although he played in a run-heavy scheme throughout his college career, Hill was able to produce solid numbers in 2011, catching 28 passes for 820 yards with 5 touchdowns.

What makes Hill a special guy to have is his great frame.  He stands tall at 6’4, weighing in at 215 pounds, but has an arm length of 33.3” and comes in fast after running a 4.36 at the combine.  Not only does he have a great frame, Stephen Hill can make plays, he knows how to track the deep ball well, he isn’t afraid to go over the middle and fights for extra yardage after the catch.

While Hill has a lot of potential, he does have a down side and Jets fans might remember this from the 2009 and 2010 seasons with Braylon Edwards.  Hill tries to make basket catches and catches with his body too much, which results in more drops.  It is unclear how much this should affect Hill once he starts playing in the NFL, but all in all this was a good pick, much better than their first round pick.

Grade: A-

Unlike the second round, the Jets stayed put with their third round pick, this time bringing in some youth at outside linebacker with Arkansas State’s Demario Davis.  Davis will be a nice addition at an aging position for the Jets as they have two seasoned veterans in Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace already there.  This pick does not come as a surprise considering the Jets drafted Quinton Coples on Friday; they plan to have him play defensive end, which means they needed to add some depth t outside linebacker.

Davis is a solid prospect; he will likely receive great coaching on the Jets considering the talent of the defense each year, which means in a year or two he could be a full time starter.  He already plays well against the run, being able to move very well from sideline to sideline through quick turns.  He can also hit the hole hard to try and make a play once he is able to figure out what the offense is trying to do.  Not only can Davis defend against the run, but he does pretty well covering tight ends (something the Jets desperately need to do) and slot receivers in man coverage because of his athleticism.

While Davis’ upside is great, he does have a few flaws, which is expected since he is a third round pick.  I stated before that he can hit holes to try and make plays at the line of scrimmage, while that aggressiveness is great, Davis sometimes tries too hard to make a big hit and whiffs, which is not something that can happen too often at this level.  He also needs to work on his play-recognition, he often bites on play-action and is not the most disciplined when playing zone coverage.

How would you grade the Jets draft on Friday?

How would you grade the Jets draft on Friday?

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Although the Jets did not snag Melvin Ingram like most Jets fans and I wanted them to, they were able to get a good prospect at outside linebacker who we should see as a starter in a few years.

Grade: B+

Unless they make a trade, do not expect to see the Jets make another pick for a while.  Because of their trade with Seahawks in round two, they no longer have a fifth round pick, and do not have their fourth round pick because it belongs to the Denver Broncos as a part of their trade for Tim Tebow.

Feel free to comment below on your reaction to these picks by the Jets, whether you agree or disagree with my grades or anything else related to the Jets draft.

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