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New York Giants take developmental guys with their two fourth round picks in ... - The Star-Ledger - (blog)

Well, for all the Giants' fans who still like to beat their drum that Giants' General Manager, Jerry Reese, always takes the "best player available" in the draft, it will be interesting to see how they spin some of the selections so far in this draft.  That's not to say that I think they are the wrong picks, it's just that I personally believe he takes into account need more than people realize. 

With their first selection in round four, 127th overall, the Giants, quite frankly, reached for Temple tight end, Adrien Robinson.  I'll admit, Robinson's measurables are intriguing, but I really don't see him going off the board this early, especially with tight ends falling in this draft.  

Measurements: 6'4, 264lbs and ran an impressive 4.56 forty yard dash.  Has an very solid vertical jump of 39.5" and broad jump of 11'3".  

Positives: His combination of size and speed really jump out at you.  His other measurables tell you he's a very good athlete and people will try and compare these numbers to guys like Packers tight end, Jermichael Finley.  Has high character and is a willing blocker, although it's not one of his best traits.

Negatives: Only was able to start one year in college and never had more than 12 receptions in a year.  Never even broke the 200 yard mark in college.  An extremely raw prospect who will need to sit at least a year, maybe more.  

Overall, I can understand what Mr. Reese, and the Giants' organization, see in Adrien Robinson, potential wise.  I just really have to think he would have still been sitting there in the sixth and seventh round if they really wanted him.  Hopefully, the Giants excellent tight end coach, Mike Pope, can really coach up Robinson and get the most out of his obvious athletic talent.  They brought Robinson in for a private workout and it's obvious they must have seen something they really, really liked.  In this case, I will just have to go along with the "In Reese We Trust" mantra.

With their second selection in round four, 131st overall, the Giants finally address their woeful offensive line by selecting Auburn offensive tackle, Brandon Mosley.  Mosley is very good value here, as I had him as a top 100 player, and also fills a big need at right tackle, although he most likely will need time to develop for at least a year.  He is inexperienced after only playing tackle for two years at Auburn after transferring from Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College, where he played defensive end and tight end.

Measurements: 6'6, 314lbs and ran a 4.78 forty yard dash.  Has long arms and is strong as he put up 30 reps on the bench press at the combine.

Positives: He's a tough guy who plays with a nasty streak, Giants fans will like this about him.  Has very good athleticism and is good when asked to block on the move, something the Giants like to do with their linemen.  Loves to finish his blocks and get the last hit on his man.  Has a very high character and loves to play the game, is somebody the Giants' coaching staff will love to work with.  Has very nice upside as a future right tackle and could very well end up being the Giants long time starter at the position down the line. 

Negatives: Is relatively inexperienced at the position as he has only played right tackle for two years.  Will need to work on his footwork and hand positioning.  Will need to be coached up in the NFL and will most likely need to sit for at least a year to learn the position.

Overall, I really love this pick.  I love Mosley's upside and a lot of his negatives are things that can be fixed with quality coaching.  He has great character and is the type of guy who will listen and I think be able to learn the things he needs to do to be a starter in the NFL down the line.  With their fourth round pick last year the Giants selected James Brewer who is a developmental left tackle (I could also see Brewer getting time at right tackle as well) and now they have a developmental right tackle.  With seven year starter at the position for them, Kareem McKenzie, likely gone, the Giants are in need of a young guy to play the position in the future.  David Diehl will most likely be the stop gap at right tackle, for now.

With their first 5 picks in the 2012 NFL draft, the Giants have clearly gone out and taken players who fill their major needs.  I am interested to see who they end up grabbing in the sixth and seventh rounds.  Don't be surprised if they end up taking a developmental quarterback, like B.J. Coleman, if he is available.

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